Sunday, November 7, 2010

In the begining...

This blog was created to post to another blog. It was not something I started out to do that day so it will take a few weeks to wrap my head around it, learn about blogging, give it a "spirit"! Of course my two cats will be involved, Samantha Rose and Hairry a wandering gypsy who found us one summer. The black cat in my profile is Pouncer my best friend for 19years whose lively spirit remains since his passing last November. Our interests are decorating, antiques, gardens, trips to beautiful places.....
Have a beautiful day....


  1. Hello,
    I just read your entry at Annie Grosvenors site

    I would be happy to add you to the email list.
    Her husband graciously gave me her list.
    There will be upcoming sales ....always in her honor.
    thank you


  2. Thank you for contacting me .. my email is
    My blog was started because it was the only way of posting to her web that day. Who knows where it will lead but it will be a good adventure..hopefull for others also!!

  3. Both of your cats look just like mine. I too lost my cat after 18 years and I miss her everyday, she was the best!!!!